Boston Veg Food Fest

Saturday & Sunday,
Oct. 19 & 20, 2019


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What People Are Saying

“Being involved in BVS changed my life. It has increased my ethical awareness, my feelings of self-worth. I can't imagine going back to the way things were before. BVS has been an unbelievably positive experience.” —Debby Bloom
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Quotation for Today

“Oh, what a world full of pain we create, for a little taste upon the tongue.” —Plutarch

Welcome to Beantown! The Boston Vegetarian Society seeks to help people, animals, and the environment by promoting a vegetarian way of life. We provide education, community, and outreach to encourage healthy plant-based eating and compassionate, earth-friendly living.

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Vegetarian. It's what's for dinner.

Click on BVS Recipes to find the three delicious recipes featured in our subway and bus ads, plus links to more ideas for scrumptious dishes that will both nourish and delight you.

Upcoming Events

BVS organizes a variety of popular events, and we hope you will join in! We offer cooking classes, speaker events and dinners, holiday events, author events, and more! We organize the annual Boston Veg Food Fest and do other outreach events as well. Our events are open and welcoming to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. View Events Calendar!

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What’s Cooking

How to Go Veg

Tonight, Make It Vegetarian

Visit our Resources page for information on raising veg children, veg-promoting documentaries, finding local organic and farmers markets, Boston area lodgings, and more!

View How to Go Vegetarian or Vegan to get you started and keep you going as a healthy, happy herbivore!  Any steps you take in the direction of a more plant-based diet will benefit you, the earth, and the animals -- and BVS is here to help.

BVSBVS is an all-volunteer organization. Membership and events are open to all. BVS began in 1986, is incorporated in Massachusetts as an educational non-profit, and has 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status under the IRS. BVS is an affiliate member of the North American Vegetarian Society, the Vegetarian Union of North America, and the International Vegetarian Union. Read more about BVS...