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Boston Vegetarian Society
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BVS 4th of July Picnic at members' home along the Charles River
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Safe at last
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Farm animal photos are by Derek Goodwin unless otherwise noted.

About BVS

We believe that choosing foods from plant sources is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, the environment, and for animals.  Replacing animal foods with plant foods reduces the animal suffering and environmental destruction that result from animal agriculture.  It is a meaningful way to help make a better world and to feel good about how we live our lives. At the same time, we remove foods that have been linked with serious health problems, and replace them with beneficial plant foods that contribute to good health.

BVS organizes an active schedule of educational, outreach, and community building events (read about them on our Events & Activities page). We also organize the annual Boston Veg Food Fest, one of the largest vegan events in the world. We encourage non-vegetarians and vegetarians alike to join us as we learn and share information, friendship, and community in carrying out our Mission. BVS is an all-volunteer organization.

Membership and Organization

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What People Are Saying About BVS

"Being involved in BVS changed my life. It has increased my ethical awareness, my feelings of self-worth. I can't imagine going back to the way things were before. BVS has been an unbelievably positive experience."
  —Debby Bloom

"The best times I've had living in Boston have been at BVS. BVS regularly offers fabulous guest speakers and makes possible awesome educational experiences for the community. It is the absolute truth. BVS rocks!"
  —Tara Dawn Hochstein

"The Boston Vegetarian Society is probably the most active vegetarian society in the United States. Soon to celebrate their 20th anniversary, in addition to all their monthly programs, they put on the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, an all-volunteer endeavor which brings thousands of people from all over to learn about vegetarianism and veganism in a free fun friendly setting....They are doing such good work in the world; I'm honored they considered me part of their mission."
  —April 2004 issue of Dr. Michael Greger's Monthly Newsletter

"It was great being involved with BVS -- I hope there is something even closely comparable to it in L.A. BVS is by far the best run and most consistent all-volunteer organization I have ever seen!"
— Samir Sanghani

"The thing that I like most about Boston is BVS."
— Archana Shah, M.D.

"Thank you for letting me support and participate in the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival. I think this is one of the best things Boston offers to the world. BVS has my undying praise for pulling this off every year."
— Charlie Behrens, BVFF Volunteer

"We come from Connecticut to attend the festival, and I put in for the day off from work ten months in advance. For my wife and I, it's our favorite day of the year. It's Christmas and both our birthdays all rolled into one."
— Scott Walker, attendee

"The Boston Vegetarian Food Festival was absolutely amazing! It was possibly the best festival I've ever been to. And that includes music festivals."
— Robert Stark, attendee

"Thank you for doing the subway ads. They started everything for me. I went to your festival, and what I saw and heard there put me on the path to being vegan. Seeing all the foods that we can eat, and all the restaurants, showed that it is easy to be vegan. The speakers and everyone there just seemed happy!"
—Carol Manson, attendee

"It's not just about the food at the Festivalwhich is incredibleit's about the connections you make therethe lectures, the peopleit's transformative. The festival solidifies all the information, whether you are beginning the journey or have been veg a long time."
—Mitch Jacobson, M.D., attendee


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