BVS Ads and Displays

Subway and Bus Ads

BVS has launched a major spring outreach campaign to bring people to our website to find How To Go Veg resources and other useful information.

Subway Ads
BVS has placed these colorful ads, actual size 11" x 28" and 22" x 15", on the MBTA Red, Orange, and Green Lines and on various bus lines.

Do it for someone you love. Tonight, make it vegetarian.    Do it for someone you love. Tonight, make it vegetarian.


Bus Tail Ads
BVS has placed exterior bus tail ads, size 21" x 72", on MBTA buses throughout the downtown and metro area.

BVS thanks the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for use of the slogan, "Do it for someone you love. Tonight, make it vegetarian."

Library and Window Displays

Each year, BVS has a display window for two weeks in a high traffic location in Harvard Square. It is located in Holyoke Center facing Mass. Ave., opposite the Harvard Yard. Here are some of the displays we have had.

Global Warming

See larger images: Left panel (PDF). Right panel.

The display shown below has been in area public libraries for month-long viewings, usually accompanied by a table of vegetarian related books that are available from that library. Happy to say, the books from the display get checked out quickly!

Going Vegetarian is as Easy as 1-2-3

Is There Pain on Your Plate? Go Vegetarian—It's Painless!

See larger images: Left panelLeft panel detail: "Chickens on Factory Farms...",
Right panelRight panel detail: "Think you can be a meat-eating environmentalist?"

First Mad Cow Disease, then Foot-and-Mouth, now...

First mad cow disease, then foot-and-mouth disease, now paratuberculosis in milk: the next national food scare

See larger images: Left panelLeft panel detail: cartoonRight panel


Lunch? A piece of ground-up, heart-clogging, forest-killing, hormone-fed, drug-injected, deceased, dismembered, decapitated cow... Bleah.

See larger images:  "Lunch?" cartoon,  book covers
(Opus cartoon is used with permission of Berke Brethed.)

Why Go Vegetarian?

See larger image